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A holiday to Croatia is always a good choice. In the middle of summer I did my itinerary Croatia in 2 weeks. I really thought Split was a great city and I can highly recommend visiting it. Read here my experience with Split and which sights in Split are worthwhile!

In the summer I visited Croatia for two weeks. In these weeks, I visited several places: The harbor city of Split, the Krka National Park and the old Dubrovnik. It was a wonderful holiday and great travel route that I would recommend to everyone!

There are plenty of cool sights in Split to keep you entertained for quite a few days. Check out 6 cool sights in Split below.

Top 6 sights in Split

Split is one of the most important cities in Croatia and has the largest port in all of Croatia. Several boats leave from here daily to the many surrounding islands.

1. Boulevard in Split

The boulevard in Split is called Riva. Especially in the evening, many street artists can be found here. Around the evening it’s a lot busier because the temperature is finally a bit lower. Many people gather on the pier to have a beer or enjoy the live music on the weekends.

There are many taps for fresh water on the boulevard. The tap water is drinkable in Croatia, but tastes a bit chlorine-like. You do not get sick, but bottles of water were our preference.

Boulevard Split Kroatië

2. Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is the most recommended of the sights in Split. I honestly found the paid viewings a bit disappointing. Instead I can recommend you to just walk around there.

In a large hall there are a lot of stalls where locals sell their homemade stuff. There are also some standard souvenir stalls in between, but still this is the perfect spot to buy original souvenirs.

Split Kroatië

3. Split market

Monday to Sunday from 6:00 am the market is in the square on the east side of the palace. Here mainly fruit, vegetables, flowers and clothing are being sold. Quite nice to walk around for a morning, only it’s full of wasps that come on all the fruit!

Markt Kroatië

4. Marjan Hill

For a beautiful view of Split, we visited the Marjan hill. Both during the day and in the evening you have a great view of the city. In the evening/night this is the best place for stargazing.

There are many nice beaches around this hill. However, we only visited a pebble beach on the north side of the hill. Water shoes are not an unnecessary luxury because of the pebbles, rocks and sea urchins that are on or between these rocks. Do not forget to bring food and drinks, as there are no food facilities on most beaches.

Marjan Heuvel Split

5. Hvar island

In addition to the mainland, Croatia consists of many islands. Visiting an island is definitely recommended among the other sights in Split. We visited Hvar, a fairly large island with several cities. We were unsure whether to visit the town of Stari Grad or the town of Hvar. Stari Grad is a quiet old town and Hvar is a lot more lively. In the end we decided to visit the city of Hvar because there’s probably more to experience here.

With an hour sailing on a large catamaran we arrived in the city. It seemed to be a few degrees hotter there on the island than in Split. So prepare to sweat a lot!

Despite the heat, we climbed the hill to the fortress. A long walk, but the view was definitely worth it.

A beautiful place to swim is next to the monastery. Here’s a pebble beach where the water is very clear.

Hvar Kroatië

6. Krka National Park near Split

The main reason we chose to visit Split was because we were able to visit the Krka National Park from here. This beautiful national park has beautiful waterfalls where it’s possible to swim.

I found this one of the most beautiful sights in Split and the surrounding area. Read more about the Krka National Park here.

Krka National Park

If you visit Split, be sure to visit info zona on one of the first days to pick up a free folder, the USE IT folder. This folder is packed with great tips from locals for restaurants, sights, shops and more.