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Travel Videos

I always tell my friends and family about my travels and everything I experience there. But the real feeling is often difficult to convey. What is the best way to get a good impression of a travel? Right, travel videos! Below you can see all my travel videos plus accompanying articles in case you would like to read more about them!

Beautiful coastline, vibrant jungle and the highest palmtrees is the world. This is Colombia from above by drone! Enjoy the epic drone footage of Colombia.

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Welcome to Minca in Colombia! An amazing travel destination with stunning views and sunsets. Join the adventure with these epic drone shots.

Here you’ll find everything about Minca

This is Valle de Cocora (Cocora Valley) in Colombia! This place has the highest palmtrees in the world. Enjoy the cinematic view by drone on this amazing landscape.

Everything you need to know about Valle de Cocora

Welcome to Valle de Cocora in Salento, Colombia! Experience walking between the highest palmtrees in the world during this walking tour in the valley.

Everything you need to know about Valle de Cocora

An adventurous destination in Indonesia with miles of deserted beaches, vast savannas and authentic villages. This is the island of Sumba!

You can read all about Sumba here

White sand beaches, pink sand beaches and countless islands rising from the crystal blue sea. Komodo National Park in Indonesia is a true paradise!

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I made a road trip across the Indonesian island of Flores in less than 2 weeks. A trip you will never forget!

You can read all about my road trip on Flores here

Did you know that the island of Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia is the habitat of the Hornbill birds? And they are certainly not afraid!

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In Myanmar, the Taunggyi festival is celebrated every year in which hundreds of hot-air balloons full of fireworks are launched into the sky. Very impressive!

Here you can read everything about the Taunggyi festival

The Surin Islands are Thailand’s paradise. In this travel video I show you why you should definitely visit these islands.

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Costa Rica is a country to fall in love with. Get a small impression of this amazing trip thanks to this travel video.

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During my travel in Panama I did a trip to the Coiba National Park and filmed the fantastic underwater world.

Here you can read everything about the Coiba National Park

In less than a week I made a trip through beautiful Tuscany. Here I visited a number of beautiful cities.

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