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Slovenia has a beautiful nature consisting of many forests, lakes, hills and mountains. All of this you’ll also find at Lake Bled. Bled is perhaps one of the most famous sights in Slovenia next to the capital Ljubljana. I visited Slovenia because I was invited as a guest speaker at an international meeting for speech therapy students in Ljubljana. In addition, I also explored the city and visited Lake Bled. Read more about this meeting and the sights in Ljubljana.

In the nice capital Ljubljana you can enjoy yourself for a few days. From Ljubljana, it’s a 45-minute drive to Bled, a town in the north-west of Slovenia. This small town is very busy in summer thanks to the beautiful lake with surrounding mountains. The most beautiful photos on postcards from Slovenia are mostly taken here.

Activities at Lake Bled

Walking or cycling around Lake Bled

A walk around the lake is easy to do in about 1.5 to 2 hours. You’re always rewarded with a beautiful view. Cycling is also a nice option.

In the lake there’s a small island with a church. Ringing the bells yourself brings happiness according to the stories. It’s possible to visit the island with a traditional boat.

het meer van Bled

Bled Castle

Did you know that Bled Castle (Blejski Grad) is the oldest castle in Slovenia? The castle was first mentioned in a deed dating from the year 1011 by Emperor Henry II. Bled Castle is located on a 130-meter high rock near Lake Bled. Especially the view is fantastic.

Best viewpoint

If you visit Lake Bled, climb the hill on the south-west side of the lake. From this hill you’ll have a great view over the lake.

During our visit it was quite foggy. Fog is quite rare in Bled because it’s usually sunny there. Unfortunately we couldn’t see the mountains very well during the walk. Despite the fog, we still had a very beautiful, fairytale view. With clear weather you can see even further and you can see the mountains very well. The fog made the walk through the forest very beautiful.

Bos bij Bled

Taste the specialty of Bled

Do not forget to taste the specialty when you visit this town. The sweet specialty is the kremšnita. The taste and appearance are reminiscent of the Dutch tompouce. Sit down at one of the many restaurants and cafes around the lake to order one.