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The city of Bergen is a lively city in the west of Norway. It’s the second largest city in Norway after Oslo. The various sights in Bergen make the city ideal for a nice city trip of a few days. Likewise, sightseeing in Oslo is also recommended.

Bergen is mainly known for the heavy rainfall. And nothing was lied about that. The climate in Bergen is very humid and it rains often, very often. To be precise, on average about 22 days a month (!). We were also allowed to enjoy this during our visit. Fortunately, there are also a number of sights to visit that don’t leave you with a wet suit.

Tip: The shops are set up for the rainy climate, so if you forgot your rain gear, that’s no problem! The children walk around there with the most adorable rain suits and even dogs are dressed up in cute raincoates.

5 things to do in Bergen


When there is no rain or less rain, the Fløybaan is a fun activity. With this train you reach the top of Mount Fløyen within 5 minutes. A return ticket costs about €9. Here you have a beautiful view over the whole city of Bergen. Put on good shoes so you can take a walk through the nature reserve on top of the mountain. Chances are you will spot some squirrels. You’ll probably won’t encounter many tourists on the way.

Bezienswaardigheden in Bergen NoorwegenBezienswaardigheden in Bergen eekhoorn


Also take a look at the Fisketorget, the indoor fish market. In the large tubs of ice you will find many different types of fish. There are several restaurants where you can taste the fresh fish. Besides fish, you can also buy fruit and flowers here from time to time.

The indoor fish market is open all year round and the outdoor market from May 1 and during the summer.


Bergen also has a large aquarium, Akvariet. In my opinion, this is one of the most disappointing sights in Bergen. I definitely don’t recommend visiting this aquarium because the animal welfare is not considered at all. The animals have too small living spaces and they have open aquariums where children can reach for the animals with their hands. The poor animals are taken from the water for too long. No employee cares about it. I’m an animal lover so it hurt me to see …


One of the best sights in Bergen however is the interactive museum Vilvite. This science museum is suitable for both children and adults. This is very similar to the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam, in case you know it.

The museum offers plenty of educational activities and games for young and old. Control a robot, test your responsiveness, step into a big bubble or watch your jump in slow motion. The museum also has a kind of bicycle in a hoop. If you cycle fast enough, you will eventually cycle upside down! A visit to the museum is a good activity for one of the many rainy days.


Visiting the fjords from Bergen is a very cool experience. For example, the Sognefjord is not far from Bergen. You can already visit fantastic fjords via the town of Gudvangen.

Bergen was our last destination during our round trip in Norway.