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The adventure has started! After an 8+ hour flight from Moscow with some delay, we arrive in the big city of Bangkok in Thailand. My first experience with Bangkok is about to begin. I feel tired but also excited. We pick up our backpacks and walk to the basement of the airport to exchange our 500 euros.

Tip: You’ll get the best rate at the red (Value Plus Currency Exchange), orange (Super Rich 1965) and green counter (Superrich Thailand) in the basement. Follow the signs Raillink and go down two escalators. Take (euro) notes with you for a favorable rate.

Now that we own our Thai Baht, we buy a 15 day SIM card of 8GB for 590 Baht. Now we have the same internet and we can inform the home front about our arrival.

The first 7 eleven has already been spotted, but it’s certainly not the last. That certainly belongs to the first experience with Bangkok. The colorful packaging comes to our satisfaction. I do not get hungry for all those crazy, unknown products. But partly due to my jet lag, I don’t feel like doing anything.

Zeewier 7-eleven Bangkok

Our hostel is located near Khao San Road, so we can take the airport shuttle bus that goes directly to the famous and ‘notorious’ street. It depends on how you look at it. No negotiations and haggling, but sitting on the bus while we look at the many overloaded cars and motorbikes.

Tip: The airport shuttle bus S1 departs from gate 7. The bus ride costs only 60 baht.

We immediately got quite overwhelmed when getting out of the bus. Delicious unknown smells alternate with very unpleasant smells as we walk past all the stalls and people. We see fried scorpions, the famous elephant-pants, scooters and tuk-tuks pass us by when we walk through Khao San Road. This is our first overwhelming experience with Bangkok.

From Khao San Road it’s a 10 minute walk to our hostel. We immediately notice the chaotic traffic. The traffic rules are not followed and everyone zooms past each other. So far without accidents. We had already prepared for this.

We cannot check in yet and therefore have to wait a few more hours. Our stomach starts to growl, so that means; we are looking for our first Pad Thai on Khao San Road!

And we eat that delicious Pad Thai. Our first normal meal after the rancid plane food tastes good. But in combination with the jet lag, it doesn’t taste as fantastic as expected. I’m sure we will eat many more delicious Pad Thai and other delicious dishes in the next 3 months.

Pad thai. Ervaring met bangkok

After checking into our hostel I almost immediately took a refreshing splash in the pool. This is a nice experience with Bangkok. With our fruit punch and a Chang beer we slowly get a holiday feeling and our backpacker adventure has now officially started.

Our next destination will be the Khao Yai National Park where we will spot wildlife!

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