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During my Myanmar itinerary, I didn’t expect to stumble across an abandoned amusement park in Yangon, but I’m glad I did! For me it was one of the most original and coolest sights in Yangon and actually in all of Myanmar. I love to visit abandoned locations, such as the abandoned Belvedere hotel in Croatia. Because let’s be honest, things that aren’t really allowed, are just exciting and fun! In addition, it results in some fantastic photos.


Abandoned amusement park Yangon

I don’t know when this amusement park was abandoned, but judging from its condition, it hasn’t functioned as an amusement park for several years. All attractions are heavily rusted and the whole park is overgrown. The only visitors it has are dogs. And they weren’t very friendly, so beware! In addition, the mosquitoes also feel at home here, which makes the use of DEET highly recommended.

When I was searching for an entrance, a number of playing children approached me who were more than happy to show me the way. What a luck! The group decided to give me a tour and each time beckoned me to a different place. The fact that we didn’t speak each other’s language certainly didn’t make the experience any less enjoyable.

They enthusiastically showed me how they climbed all the rides and asked me to do the same. Judging by the condition of the attractions and the fact that I wanted to continue traveling without injuries for a few more months, I kept my feet mostly safely on the ground. I especially loved seeing how much fun the kids had playing.

How to get there?

The best way to get from A to B in Yangon is by taxi. And luckily there are Grab-taxis around town. When you order a taxi, you can indicate the Abandoned amusement park as your destination or somewhere nearby. From Downtown Yangon it’s not much more than a 15 minute drive.

The abandoned amusement park in Yangon is located next to Yangon Zoo. There is no official entrance because the park is actually closed to the public. But there are a few places you can enter, of which I only know one.

For example, I walked through the parking lot on the south side towards the park. I saw some rickety gates and tried to find a way to enter. Fortunately, the children helped me to slide a gate to the side so that I could squeeze between it (quite uncomfortably).

In the picture below you can see the gates with the parking lot at the rear. The photo is therefore taken with perspective from the amusement park.