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When you travel, you of course take a lot of photos as a souvenir of your fun time. During my travels I take a ridiculous amount of photos. I think my traveling companions can agree with that. For example, during my 3 month Southeast Asia itinerary, I took nearly 10,000 photos. Oops! Of course I don’t want to lose these photos! What’s the best way of storing your photos? And how can you save your photos without a computer? In this article I’ll tell you 4 useful ways to save your photos while traveling.

4 ways of storing photos while traveling

1. Online storage in the Cloud

Storing in the Cloud is perhaps the safest way to keep your photos safe while traveling. This way you ensure an online backup of your photos. Use free Cloud services such as Ondrive, Dropbox, iCloud or Stack. Download it easily on your phone, tablet or laptop and import the photos when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

The Cloud is easy to use with your phone. It’s possible to set all your photos to be automatically saved online when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, good Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, so this is not always possible.

You can also use the Cloud when taking photos with a camera. It’s often possible to download an app for your mobile with which you can transfer all your photos to your mobile, after which you upload them in the Cloud. This way you can access your photos wherever you are, even if your mobile or camera breaks or if they are stolen.

I used the Cloud Service Stack on my three-month trip through Asia. This actually went very well. Not everywhere was good Wi-Fi, but once a week I managed to upload my photos from the past week in Stack.

Foto's bewaren in de Cloud

2. Storing photos on external hard drive

If you would like to have a physical backup, save your photos to an external hard drive. This is a great safe way of storing your photos. This way you always have an extra place where you can store your photos. For example, consider external hard drives for travel with up to 1 TB of memory. This way you will never be short of space.

You can easily use the external hard drive with your laptop, but it is also possible to connect it to your phone. For this you need a USB micro OTG Cable.

foto's bewaren externe harde schijf

3. Storing on SD cards or USB sticks

Another way of a physical backup is to store your photos on SD cards or USB sticks. Bring enough GB of memory. It depends on how long you travel and how many photos you take on average. I used a 128 GB SD card where all my photos are easy to take care of (almost 10,000). Today those tickets are quite cheap!

Keep your SD cards in a handy Multi-Card Case so you don’t lose the cards.

foto's bewaren op USB en SD kaart

4. Laptop or tablet

Of course you can also save your photos on your tablet or laptop. You can then save the photos on your laptop itself, but also easily via your laptop in the Cloud or on an external hard drive.

Preferably keep the hard drive in a different place than your laptop, if one of the two is stolen or damaged.

Tablet foto's bewaren op reis