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It is a destination that cannot be missed in your itinerary across Colombia. Salento is known for its colorful houses and pleasant atmosphere. But the real reason you should not skip this village is because it’s the perfect starting point for visiting the Cocora Valley, or Valle de Cocora. This article gives you all the tips you need to know about Salento and everything you can do there!

Salento stad Colombia

What to do in Salento?

Salento is a colorful village in the mountainous landscape of Quindío. Because it’s located at an altitude of 1,895 meters, the average annual temperature is about 15 degrees and at night it can be quite chilly. So don’t forget to bring a jacket and a pair of long pants! However, do not be mistaken, because during the day it can also be quite warm in the sun.

Salento is a charming village to walk through, but you’ll notice that you’re not the only one. Salento is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Especially on weekends, the main street and the square can get quite crowded. Salento is not quite an authentic destination anymore, but one you must have seen for the reasons below!

Climb the viewpoint

For a great view of the village you should climb the stairs to the viewpoint Mirador Alto de la Cruz. With a clear sky you will have a beautiful view of the village and the green mountainous landscape.

Salento viewpoint

Play some Tejo

In Salento you’re also at the right place for a game of Tejo. The purpose of this game is to hit small explosives from a distance with a metal disc. When you hit the disc you”ll notice it immediately thanks to a loud bang.

The game is played at Cancha De Tejo Los Amigos. Another typical Colombian place to play this game is at Bar Danubio. This is also the place to be for a game of pool or billiards. We watched a soccer game on a big screen with the locals and I can tell you that there was a great atmosphere!

Eat trout from Salento

Fish lovers take note: something you should have eaten in Salento is the trout. In the area there are fish farms where if you want, can even throw out your own fishing rod. It’s the specialty of the region.

I had a delicious trout prepared in a cream sauce at Camino Real restaurant. Highly recommended!

Visit the coffeefarms

The area around Salento is known for its many coffee plantations. During a tour you’ll learn more about the whole process of growing coffee beans to make a delicious cup of coffee. Informative and delicious!

Famous coffee plantations in the area are of Finca El Ocaso and Finca De Don Elias and Coffee Farm El Recuerdo.

Hike in Valle de Cocora

The real reason why you shouldn’t skip Salento is thanks to Valle de Cocora. In this valley you will find the tallest palm trees in the world! But not only because the palm trees are so impressive, also the landscape is amazing!

The most popular activity is to make a hike. I can absolutely recommend you to spend a day here. Read everything about Valle de Cocora here!

Valle de Cocora Colombia

Best hostels in Salento

In Salento, you can decide to find an overnight stay in or outside the village. I actually liked staying in the village so I could do some barhopping across the cafes in the evening.

The best and most famous hostels in Salento are Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel, Hilltop Hostel and Viajero Hostel.

How to get to Salento?

Buses go to Pereira or Armenia from both Medellin and Bogota. From there you take a bus or a cab to Salento. It’s also possible to take a slightly more expensive minivan that drives directly to Salento. Ask for information at your guesthouse or at the bus station.

Don’t feel like taking the bus? Then you can also take the plane to Pereira and then a cab to Salento.

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