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Traveling without a fixed schedule is still the best way to travel in my opinion. This way you will discover the most amazing places! I ended up in the fishing village of Rincón del Mar on the Caribbean coast of Colombia after tips from other backpackers. Swimming in the sea, chilling under a palm tree with a cocktail in your hand, and a view of a nearby tropical island group. And without too many tourists too. It is possible in Rincón del Mar!

Rincon del mar Colombia

What to do in Rincón del Mar

Rincón del Mar is a destination off the beaten path. It is located on the Caribbean coast, about 120 kilometers south of Cartagena. Don’t expect luxury hotels, but simple accommodations and a handful of hostels. For example, there is no ATM (the nearest is in San Onofre). However, there are small stores where you can buy the essentials.

There is nearly nothing and that is what makes this destination so wonderful! You travel to Rincón to chill on the beach, read a book and do absolutely nothing for a while.

Most travelers in Rincón del Mar are French, some of whom own guesthouses and restaurants.

San Bernardo archipelago

The reason I was so keen to travel to Rincón was mainly because of its ideal location near the San Bernardo archipelago. If you really want to spend time on a tropical island, the San Bernardo archipelago is definitely a must. And Rincón is the perfect base for a visit to this tropical destination.

I traveled from Rincón del Mar by speedboat to the paradisiacal Isla Múcura. If I can recommend anything it is this island. It was without a doubt one of the highlight of my trip through Colombia.

To arrange a boat to the islands, it is best to check with your accommodation.

Isla-Mucura Colombia drone

Accommodations in Rincón del Mar

There’s not a whole lot of choice of accommodations in Rincón del Mar, but there are plenty of nice options.

My absolute favorite is Dos Aguas Lodge. It is located a little outside the center on a beautiful stretch of beach. It is one of the few hostels in Rincón with dorms and double rooms and is regularly sold out. The food there is delicious and is mostly vegetarian. Once you stay you don’t want to leave!

Another nice hostel located in the village is the Hostel Beach House right on the beach. This hostel also has both dorms and double rooms with air conditioning.


How to get to Rincón del Mar

Rincón del Mar is a total of about 3 to 4 hours of traveling from Cartagena. First, you travel to the Terminal de Transportes de Cartagena bus station (about 30 minutes by cab from the tourist center). There you can take a minibus (40,000 COP) or big bus (30,000 COP) to San Onofre. You probably won’t have to search very long for the bus, as dozens of vendors will approach you and direct you to the right bus. This bus ride takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. A large bus takes longer than a minibus.

Once you arrive in Onofre, you will be dropped along the side of the road. There will be more than enough people coming up to you to offer you a ride on the back of a motorcycle or tuktuk to Rincón. For a motorcycle you will pay about 10,000 COP per person and the ride will still take about half an hour.

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