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Zarautz is a real surf town located in the north of Spain. There are several campsites where mainly young people can be found for their surftrip. Zarautz is the perfect destination for learning to surf.

The surftrip in Zarautz consists of relaxing on the beach, shopping, going out and above all a lot of surfing! The boulevard is very cozy and there are several shops, restaurants and nice cafes.Zarautz.JPG

In Zarautz you will mainly find campsites. Choose a campsite on top of the hill where you can admire the sunset every day or choose a campsite closer to the beach.

Surfing in Zarautz

The stretch of beach at the boulevard is not the most suitable place for surfing thanks to the many swimmers. East is an ideal stretch of beach where the waves are also higher. The waves have a good height to learn to surf. You’ll master it in a few days!

We were with a great travel company that organizes very nice activities every day so that you never get bored. Karaoke night, pizza night, cliff diving, punch night, movie night, theme night and trips to cities. Every day you will receive surf lessons and at the end there will be a surf competition where of course everyone can participate. I ended up in the top 3.

Surfen Zarautz

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the nearest city where you can enjoy shopping and going out. The city has nearly 200,000 inhabitants. The city is a combination of hills, surfing beaches and historic buildings. San Sebastian has a large bay that is full of luxury yachts in the summer. There are also a lot of surfers in San Sebastian. Due to the strong wind, the waves in this area are great.

San Sebastian has many tapas bars and other restaurants. These bars are almost all together in the old center. The nightlife is very lively. The city has a lot of bars, clubs but also more chic entertainment places.

San Sebastian

In short, super nice surf holiday and highly recommended!