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Summer in Amsterdam means relaxing in the Vondelpark, enjoying terraces and taking a refreshing dip in the water. But where is the best place to swim in Amsterdam in natural water? There are plenty of swimming spots to enjoy the summer days in Amsterdam!

Keep in mind, however, that most swimming spots are not official swimming locations. That means that the municipality does not regularly check the water quality there. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for a refreshing swim at the following places. Always be wary of passing boats and do not jump off bridges.

In summer blue-green algae is present in many natural lakes. On you can easily check the water quality in advance.

10 swimming spots in Amsterdam

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1. Marineterrein

The Marineterrein in the city center is among the most central swimming spots in Amsterdam. In warm weather, it is packed with locals who want to take a refreshing dip. You can simply jump from the shore, use the ladders or jump from the dock.

On the grassy area there are plenty of trees for a little shade and there is a public toilet.

I suspect the water here is definitely not of the best quality, but I never had any problems after swimming. And looking at how many people go here daily in the summer, I suspect it’s fine!

Marineterrein Amsterdam

2. Bogor Garden, Java island

Not far from there, you will find the Bogor Garden on Java Island where it’s possible to swim in the IJ canal. The large patch of grass and some trees make this a great place to relax and have a picnic. You can jump off the shore and then use one of the ladders to get out, or walk into the water via the wide stone steps.

Bogor tuin zwemplek Amsterdam
Het ij Amsterdam

3. Weesperzijde

Is it possible to swim in Amsterdam’s canals? In the Amstel near the Weesperzijde, you certainly can! There are a few ladders on the canal and a swimming line to prevent the boats from going too close to the shore.

Even if you don’t feel like swimming, this is still a good spot for a sunset beer.

Weesperzijde zwemplek Amsterdam

4. Park Somerlust

A little further along the Amstel you will find Park Somerlust. In summer, it’s also crowded with sun-seekers. Through the stone shore you can gradually walk into the water and seek refreshment.

There are a few restaurants and cafes at the park where you can grab a bite to eat, or bring your own stuff from the Albert Heijn.

Park Somerlust zwemplekken Amsterdam
Park Somerlust Amsterdam

5. Nes aan de Amstel

The further you go on the Amstel, the cleaner the water gets. If you have your own boat, of course it’s ideal to sail down the Amstel, but if you only have a bike, a nice bike ride awaits you!

Near Cantina Del Corazon, on the border with the province of Utrecht (but also before that) you will find jetties from which you can jump. So if you are in the mood for a sporty day, it’s definitely recommended to cycle down the Amstel River in search of public jetties.

6. Nieuwe Meer

Het Nieuwe Meer in Zuid is one of my favorite swimming spots in Amsterdam. It borders nature area Park de Overlanden and the Amsterdam forest. Especially the little beaches make it a wonderful place to relax and go for a dip in the water.

It’s a popular spot for families with young children thanks to the playground island and groups of friends. There are also plenty of people who boat here, but it’s never very crowded on the water, which makes swimming very pleasant.

7. Het Twiske

In Het Twiske in North you will find the most beautiful swimming spots in Amsterdam. I say Amsterdam, but the Twiske is part of the municipalities of Landsmeer and Oostzaan and borders Amsterdam to the northwest. When I lived in Amsterdam Noord, I used to visit it almost every week in summer.

Hop on your bike and explore this beautiful nature area! It has dozens of beaches and grassy areas to enjoy a picnic and a plunge into the water. The Kure Jan Beach and ‘t Schoorl Beach at the Stootersplas are the most beautiful swimming spots. The Baaiegat Beach at the north end of the lake is even a nudist beach.


Curious to find non-touristic activities in Amsterdam, here they are!

8. Sloterplas

Sloterplas in West is also a great place to swim. It even has its own beach; the Sloterplas Beach. Sometimes you should pay attention to the water quality because the beach is not always kept clean. So always check the water quality in advance on

I often find this swimming spot on the east side a pleasant location for a quick dip. It’s generally more quiet here, it borders the park and you can enter the water via ladders. It’s also another prime spot for watching the sunset.

9. Grote Speelweide, Amsterdamse bos

The Amsterdam forest always makes me very happy. The vast grassy fields, dense forest and fine lakes make it a wonderful place for a walk and to spend a day. One of the best swimming spots in the Amsterdam forest is the Grote Vijver at the Grote Speelweide. It is shallow and, thanks to the swimming line, also suitable for children.

When you’re done swimming, you can also rent pedal boats and canoes at the Kanoverhuur Amsterdamse Bos. Or organize a picnic on the large grass field.

10. Strand Blijburg

Way to the east of the city, you can also have a great swim at Strand Blijburg. The large beach offers plenty of space and the water is really nice.

If you’re fancy a quick bite or nice lunch, you can go to the restaurant and there is also a public toilet.