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During my city trip to Tuscany I visited several beautiful cities. And, oh, Lucca is a great, attractive Tuscan city! The various sights in Lucca make the city super fun to visit for one or more days. It has become one of my favorite cities!

Besides Lucca I also visited Pisa and its sights and I visited Florence for one day. These cities can be perfectly combined with Lucca.

Especially in spring, when everything is still green, and in low season Lucca is very nice and beautiful to visit. The environment is so incredibly green. Except for a few beautiful towers, there are no high-rise buildings in the city. This ensures the typical narrow, cozy streets.

6 sights in Lucca

There are many great sights in Lucca that are definitely worth a visit. Below I’ll let you know which sights in Lucca I have visited in one day.

1. Guinigi Tower

The Guinigi Tower is one of the most famous sights in Lucca. It is known for the trees that can be found on the top. The panoramic view from this tower is very beautiful. In clear weather you can see very far. The red roofs of the houses and the mountains in the distance make this view super! Preferably visit the tower in the morning so that it is not yet full of tourists. There is little space on top of the tower. Entrance to the Guinigi tower is € 4.

Guinigi Toren bezienswaardigheden in Lucca

2. Bell tower (Torre delle Ore)

The Clock Tower in very nice to visit because from here you have a good view of the Guinigi tower and of course over the beautiful city. The sound of the ringing bells is deafening, so keep an eye on the time when you visit the tower! Entrance to the Clock Tower is € 4.

3. Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico di Lucca)

The Botanical Garden is fun to walk through during your visit to Lucca. But it’s not very special. What I liked was taking a look at the big pond. Many turtles swim or sunbathe here. During my visit it was very quiet in the Botanical Garden, which also made it nice. Entrance to the Botanical Garden is € 4.

Orto Botanico Lucca

Tip: Buy a combination ticket for the Guinigi Tower, Torre delle Ore and the Botanical Garden.

  • Price for the Guinigi Tower + the Torre delle Ore is € 6. Children 6-14 years, students, people over 65 and groups cost € 4 and children <6 years are free.
  • Price for the Guinigi Tower + the Botanical Garden is € 6. Children 6-14 years, students, people over 65 and groups cost € 4 and children <6 years are free.
  • Price for the Guinigi Tower + Torre delle Ore + the Botanical Garden is € 9. Children 6-14 years, students, people over 65 and groups cost € 6 and children <6 years are free.

Each attraction costs € 4 separately. Children between 6 and 14 years old, students, people over 65 and groups larger than 10 people cost € 3 and children under 6 years old are free.

4. Lucca Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Martino)

This cathedral is very beautiful to visit, both inside and out. The building is gigantic! Entrance to the Lucca Cathedral costs € 3.

Lucca's duomo

5. The city walls of Lucca (Le mura di Lucca)

The walls of Lucca are over 4 km long and run around the center of the city. It’s very nice to walk or cycle on the walls. Thanks to the shade of the trees, this is also a great activity on a hot day. There are benches here and there on the walls. From the walls you often have a nice view of the city or the green surroundings.

Muren van Lucca

6. Aqueduct (Acquedotto del Nottolini)

Outside the walls of the city, on the other side of the station, is the Lucca Aqueduct. I thought this was one of the most beautiful sights in Lucca. It’s wonderful to walk along the viaduct in the morning. The entire aqueduct is over 3 kilometers long. Along the way you pass a few roads, but you’re always rewarded with a super green view. The aqueduct and the surrounding area are incredibly photogenic!

Bezienswaardigheden in Lucca Aquaduct

Lucca has become one of my favorite cities thanks to the beautiful green surroundings and the beautiful city center. The atmosphere is very relaxed and there are not many tourists outside the high season. What a beautiful city in Tuscany!

How to get to Lucca

treinSeveral trains leave for the city every day. The train connection between Pisa and Lucca is really great. A single ticket costs € 3.50 and the train ride takes about half an hour. Lucca is also easily accessible from Florence. You can reach Lucca from Florence within 1.5 hours. Check the website for current departure times and routes.

Tip: It’s not necessary to buy your train tickets online in advance. Just buy your train tickets at the station. This is cheaper than ordering online. Since no seats are reserved, tickets do not sell out.