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Not long ago we booked a last minute return flight to Pisa for a few days. Super nice such a spontaneous citytrip to Tuscany! We have been able to admire several cities in Tuscany in four days. If I could have gone more than 4 days, I probably would have added another city to the trip!

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Citytrip Tuscany Itinerary


Pisa is only known for the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and is often only visited because of the tower. But this city is quite nice to visit or use as a base for traveling around Tuscany. I really liked walking around the city, especially outside the city center, because of the cozy streets. I was actually surprised at how many nice streets Pisa has.

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Stedentrip naar Toscane Pisa


Oh Florence, you’re beautiful! This is the first city we visited outside of Pisa during our citytrip to Tuscany. Florence is a real culture city with enough sights for several days. Unfortunately we only visited the city for one day, but we’ve been able to see and do enough. You shouldn’t miss the capital of Tuscany during your citytrip to Tuscany.

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Lucca has become one of my favorite cities! The city has a very nice atmosphere created by the beautiful rural surroundings where it’s located. All the cozy little streets between the real Italian houses with red roofs make Lucca a typical Tuscan town for me. The atmosphere, the surroundings, the nature, I love it!

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Lucca Guinigi toren

What is the best travel period for Tuscany?

The weather in Tuscany is at its best in spring. It’s very beautiful green and not yet ridiculously hot. Check the website for information about the climate of Tuscany.

Travel Video citytrip Tuscany

I made a travel video of the great citytrip to Tuscany. The recordings are in the same order as the cities I visited. Enjoy!