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Actually, I never expected to go ziplining in Costa Rica. But I did it anyway and it was really cool! Costa Rica is a perfect destination for such a cool activity, especially in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Where to go ziplining in Costa Rica?

Monteverde is the perfect place to go ziplining in Costa Rica. You’ll fly through beautiful nature with a great view of the Cloud Forest Reserve. On the advice of our hostel, we have qualified from 100% Aventura. They have the longest zipline and the biggest tarzan swing in all of Latin America. First you’ll be completely prepared for the ziplining; you will be firmly tied up, wearing a helmet and sturdy gloves so you are ready to go.

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On this crazy canopy tour consisting of 12 cables you’ll fly at great speed through the jungle. There are two ‘superman’ cables. Here you lie / hang down with your belly down. Fortunately, we started simple and not so high with a few short cables. This way you learn a bit how to sit / hang and where to keep your hands; one glove on the cable so you can brake and you won’t turn and the other one on your rope.

After the short cables we arrived at a platform where they tied us to another rope where you abseil straight down (rappel).

Ziplinen Costa Rica

Superman zipline

After a number of ziplines, a buggy takes you a lot higher in the jungle with the first real long variants and also the so-called supermans. Wow, with these ones I got a bit dizzy because of the height. The first superman is about 600 meters long. The second and longest superman cable is 1.5 kilometers. It’s extremely fast!

Because it was a bit windy I got stuck (luckily at the end)! they came quickly to pick me up by hanging themselves on the rope. But this does not happen often.

Tarzan Swing

Okay, this last part is really really high and scary. Here you drop yourself from a 45 meter high platform after which you swing back and forth a number of times. It made a difference that I already had seen a few people jumping before me. Some of them went back because they had looked down and were too afraid to jump.

First I walked across the metal bridge which I, yes, could look down. And there I was, at a height of 45 meters on a metal bridge that rocks with every movement. Then they tied me to a rope and I had to lean far forward to grasp the rope. “Don’t look down!” I said to myself. Then they opened the small metal door for me and I had to drop a bit. Without realizing it I already fell down. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I screamed so hard! But it was awesome.

I don’t know if I can say if I would do it again, but when I was safely back down, the adrenaline rushed through my body and I definitely wanted to do it again.

Costs for ziplining in Costa Rica

The total cost for this awesome experience is $ 50 for ziplining and $ 10 dollars for the photos on a CD. Because it takes you about 1.5 hours and the route consists of many cables, I thought it was worth it. Of course you can also attach an action cam to your belt yourself, but at your own risk!


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