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Mui Ne is a fishing village in the south of Vietnam. It is known for its beautiful beaches and good surf spots, but many backpackers skip this destination during their trip through Vietnam. That’s a shame, because it has much to offer! What are the best activities in Mui Ne?

Mui Ne is also known for its beautiful beaches. Unfortunately I haven’t really found these gems in the west of the city. On the other hand, I saw some excavators and giant sandbags on the beach adjacent to the resorts. Because tourism is still very much on the rise, a lot is still being built here.

The tourist area actually consists of one street: Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, with shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts with mostly Russians. Now this may not sound very attractive, but Mui Ne is definitely recommended in my point of view. There are quite a few fun things to see and do in this area.

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Top 5 activities in Mui Ne

1. Kite- en windsurfing

The strong wind along the coast of Mui Ne makes this a good destination for kite surfing and windsurfing. You will find several surf schools on the beach where you can take lessons or rent equipment.

2. Fairy stream

The Fairy stream is a mud stream that runs along special red and white colored sand dunes. You walk almost the entire route through the water, so put on slippers, sandals or possibly water shoes. You can also walk a bit over the dunes. For the entrance fee of 15,000 dong it’s definitely worth a visit.

Fairy stream Mui Ne

3. Fishing village

Mui Ne is originally a fishing village and this is still a common profession among the locals. That’s why there are also a huge number of fishing boats off the coast. From round bamboo boats to larger fishing boats. Nice to see!


4. White sand dunes

Would you ever want to be in the desert? During a visit to the white sand dunes you will experience that a bit! Rent a jeep or a quad with or without a driver or visit the sand dunes on foot. If you like it you can also rent a board to slide down the high hills. Choose a piece that someone has slipped off before so that you have more speed.

There is a large lake next to the dunes with a green area behind it. The contrast between these different landscapes is special to see.

Zandduinen Mui ne

5. Red sand dunes

I personally like the white sand dunes more than the red sand dunes because they are a lot more extensive, but the red sand dunes are also worth a visit. Here you can slide off just like on the white sand dunes with a board. Many tours start or end here to view the sunrise and sunset.

Rode zandduinen Mui Ne

Transport in Mui Ne

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of corrupt police at the sand dunes. They often fine tourists on scooters / motorbikes for nonsensical reasons. This fine can go up to 2,000,000 dong and it’s often difficult to get out of this. It’s therefore often not recommended by hostels to visit the dunes with a scooter / motorbike when you are not in possession of a Vietnamese driving license. The police are often located near the dunes, so if you still want to rent a motorbike, avoid this place and drive the other way.

Preferably choose an organized tour with which you visit both dunes, the fairystream and the fishing village. The tour should not cost more than 100,000 dong per person.

Where to stay in Mui Ne?

Few tourists stay in the fishing village of Mui Ne because there is simply not much to do there, but instead choose hostels, hotels or resorts on the coast outside the village on Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street.

A very nice place to stay in the Mui Ne area is near Mui Ne Hills. Most backpackers stay here and there’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Mui ne Hills backpackers, Bliss, villa and budget are all close together and I thought they were from the same owner. Plenty of activities are organized every night and they have several small pools so you don’t get bored. Dorms are already available for a ridiculous small price, of just a few euros.

Preferably choose an accommodation with a swimming pool. This makes your visit to Mui Ne absolutely nice!

How to get to Mui Ne

BusThere isn’t an airport near Mui Ne. The city is easily accessible from, for example, Ho Chi Minh, Da lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Vung Tau by sleeper bus. Those can be arranged at your ho(s)tel.